TradeKart Pro Frequently Asked Questions

What is TradeKart Pro?

TradeKart Pro is a unique platform to support Customers in overcoming complexity & inefficiencies of managing multiple trades across multiple sites. Our mission is to overcome the lost time finding & collecting materials, dealing with stock shortages & collating & processing delivery notes & invoices from multiple merchants.

What are the benefits?

TradeKart Pro offers contractors access to all partnering merchants with live stock availability & our rapid (less than 2 hours) last mile delivery service to ensure no time is lost on site. The unique online portal offers full visibility across all sites & users (approved centrally) will enjoy all the benefits of the TradeKart service at a local level with central coordination & access to pricing, invoicing & deliveries to ensure every cost can be accounted for & allocated to the relevant job. As our mission is to serve & unite the Trade Community, we see this as a full concierge service to support contractors & as such each TradeKart Pro customer will be allocated a designated account manager to ensure the service is seamless from the outset.

Who can sign up?

TradeKart is open to all trade businesses operating across multiple sites.

How does it work?

TradeKart Pro is a secure online web portal. Register your interest direct with us & we will create an account & provide you with log-in credentials. From there, add your chosen payment method (e.g. credit card details), choose team members to invite; & set any payment limits or authorisations for each team member. Your team members will then be sent a link to sign up to TradeKart as one of your team members, who can now order trade materials using your chosen payment method saved to the TradeKart Pro Account.

How many team members can a TradeKart Pro Account have?

This is unlimited.