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TradeKart Pro Terms & Conditions

The service we provide

The primary purpose of the TradeKart App is to connect tradespeople with local ‘Merchants’ to order items, which are then delivered by TradeKart, from the Merchant, directly to the tradesperson. This is our ‘service’. TradeKart is therefore acting as an Agent on the behalf of the Merchants to manage the transaction & fulfilment of the order between thetradesperson& the Merchants.TradeKart Pro enables companies to set up their tradespeopleas team members to order products from local Merchants under a single company account, helping to streamlinepayments& manage ordering & administration across multiple staff & jobs. Management of the TradeKart Pro account is through signinginto a web-based portal. Ordering of products is via the TradeKart App.

TradeKart Pro is run from a web-based portal

The portal is designed for managing users, orders & administration across multiple staff & jobsfor a trade company, run by an ‘administrator’ on the company’s behalf. A TradeKart Pro administrator mustbe 18 years old or more, needs to register with us for an account; & secure it with a password. Withinthe portal an administrator can set up tradespeople as team members for theTradeKart Pro accountby sending a sign-uplink, enabling those team members to buy materials from local merchants with the payment details stored in the TradeKart Proaccount. With the payment step administrators can have authorisations in place &/or value limits set up against individual team members to control spend. All orders & invoices are then collated within the portal giving full visibility & tracking of spend that is going through the TradeKart Pro account. It is the administrator’sresponsibility to keep the TradeKart Proaccount for theircompany’suse & theywill remain responsible for all team member invitations, payment details & payment authorisations. TradeKart accepts no responsibility for any loss arising from someone other than the administrator signinginto &/or usingthe TradeKart Proaccount, unless access to theaccount has been gained due to TradeKart failing to keep theaccount secure.TradeKart can close theTradeKart Pro account if we believe our service is being abused. Examples of this include allowing others to use theaccount, being abusive to TradeKartstaff, raising repeated unsubstantiated complaints, &/or claiming refunds that are not valid. Any credit owing to you on an account that is closed will be settled back to any registered card on theTradeKart Pro account.

TradeKart is an account-based App

The App is designed for tradespeople aged 18 & over. In order for a tradesperson to use the TradeKart App as a team member of a TradeKart Pro account, the team member needs to be invited by the TradeKart Pro administrator with a link to click through to confirm sign up. The TradeKart App is mobile only & secured via SMS verification. Please note that a TK App user can only have 1 TradeKart account, whether as an individual user or a TradeKart Pro team member. If an existing individual TradeKart user is invited to be a TradeKart Pro team member, they can upgrade their account to join (& downgrade if they leave a TradeKart Pro team to continue as an individual user). It is the team member’s responsibility to keep their account for their sole use & will remain responsible for all orders placed from their account. TradeKart accepts no responsibility for any loss arising from someone other than the team member signing into &/or using their account, unless access to the account has been gained due to TradeKart failing to keep the account secure. There is a facility in the account profile for a team member to delete their account at any time should they wish to do so. Equally, TradeKart can close a team member’s account if we believe our service is being abused. Examples of this include allowing others to use the account, being abusive to TradeKart staff, raising repeated unsubstantiated complaints, &/or claiming refunds that are not valid.

TradeKart is an account-based App

Use of the TradeKart App, TradeKart Pro portal & TradeKart website are governed by these Terms & Conditions. Information & materials provided by TradeKart are for informational purposes only (as opposed to being advisory) & are for use in the pursuit of lawful endeavours only. Whilst we will make every effort to keep all information as up to date as possible at all times, we accept no liability for the accuracy of information displayed on the App, portal or website; nor for the App, portal or website being unavailable for any period of time. You may view, download & copy information & materials available on the App, portal or website for your personal use; & within your organisation in support of TradeKart’s services. You agree not to modify or revise any of the material in any manner, retaining all copyright & other proprietary notices as contained in the original materials on any copies of the materials. No other use of the materials or information is authorised. Failure to observe these conditions may result in civil &/or criminal liabilities.

When interacting with the App, portal & website you agree to comply with the following standards:

  • Observe all applicable laws
  • Do not advocate, promote, condone or assist any unlawful act
  • Make accurate statements of fact
  • Only make statements relating to opinion if they are genuinely believed
  • Refrain from making any deceitful, defamatory, obscene, abusive, offensive, discriminatory, hateful or inflammatory comments; intentionally or otherwise
  • Be transparent as to your identity

TradeKart may, in its sole discretion, terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the App, portal &/or website for any reason, including - but not limited to – breach of these Terms & Conditions. If access is terminated, restrictions, representations, warranties, indemnities & limitation of liabilities will all remain in place.

Our Service is geo-fenced

Merchants who are signed up with TradeKart provide a feed of stock availability & pricing to tradespeople via the TradeKart App. Based on location (specifically the delivery location), TradeKart determines the area in which participating Merchants will have their products shown to TradeKart App users. TradeKart also offers delivery slots available to fulfil any order(s) placed with any Merchant(s). If a user is outside of a geo-fenced area in which TradeKart is operating (or all delivery slots are taken) there will not be the facility to place an order.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment

Prices are in real time, as determined by the Merchant & are displayed showing inclusive & exclusive of VAT (where applicable). When placing an order, a delivery slot can be chosen from the available list displayed. The total price for the order, including any delivery charge, will be shown on the check-out page, where there is also the facility to apply a valid discount code (if applicable). Payment is completed through the payment details saved in the TradeKart Pro account. Depending on the settings of the TradeKart Pro account, payment may require authorisation from the TradeKart Pro administrator. If this is the case, once the administrator authorises the payment, the team member will receive a confirmation notice & be able to track the progress of the delivery. If payment is not authorised by the administrator, the team member’s order will be cancelled.


The TradeKart Pro team member must be available to receive the order during the chosen delivery window selected at checkout. If, for any reason the team member is unable to take receipt of the delivery, TradeKart requests to be contacted as soon as possible. Equally, if for any reason our TradeKart Driver is delayed, we will notify the TradeKart Pro team member as soon as possible & make every effort to minimise any inconvenience that may be encountered as a result.


A TradeKart Pro team member may cancel an order for a full refund (including any applicable delivery charge) anytime up until it is dispatched within the App. Once the order has been dispatched, the team member will need to take delivery of the ordered items & then return unwanted items to the Merchant transacted with. Any refund for the items will be subject to the Merchant’s refunds policy. Any applicable delivery charge paid to TradeKart for delivery of the items is non-refundable.

Remedial action

In keeping with the right to receive goods that are of satisfactory quality & comply with their description, the TradeKart Pro team member is asked to advise TradeKart if a delivery fails to meet these rights. TradeKart commits to working with the TradeKart Pro team member (&/or administrator) to find a suitable remedy. We may require certain information to be provided, such as photos if an item is suffering from a defect that is visible. Actions that TradeKart may take, include issuing of a discount code redeemable against a future purchase, part refund, replacement of item(s) or full refund.

Age restricted & regulated products

Within the trade industry there are certain products that may be considered hazardous (flammable liquids, solvents, accessories that have a sharp edge) & may therefore carry age restrictions. As TradeKart is an account-based App with sign up conditional on being 18 years of age, orders can be placed for any items without restriction. However, upon delivery of items ordered that carry age restrictions, the TradeKart driver may require photo proof of identity (& therefore age) before completing the delivery. If the recipient of an order cannot prove their age (or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs) the TradeKart driver will refuse to deliver age restricted items. In such circumstances, there will be no remedial action for having paid for an order but not receiving the items in question.